Submission Guidelines


  • Preference given to complex surgical procedures, surgical innovations, and case series with well-analyzed outcomes data.
  • A structured abstract not to exceed 250 words should be submitted along with your movie submitted as a PDF or WORD document.
  • A title screen is required which states the following:
  • Short title of the surgical procedure (not to exceed eight words)
  • Surgeon’s name and title
  • Practicing institution and country
  • After the title screen/ slide, add a second slide declaring any conflict of interest
  • Submissions which contain Surgeon or Institution names throughout will be disqualified

Technical Requirements of the Surgical Video

  • Length of the surgical videos should be a minimum of five minutes and a maximum of eight minutes. Videos outside this duration will not qualify for submission.
  • Only High-Definition videos will qualify for submission: 1280 X 720 (720p) or 1920 X 1080 (1080p,1080i). Image quality should be suitable for large auditorium screening.
  • Only .mov or .mp4/.m4v formats will be accepted.
  • Voice-overs should be narrated in English language only, clearly done with no music, using high-quality audio recording (no echoes, low volumes, etc.). Computer-generated narrations will not qualify for submission.
  • Visuals and narration shall allow sufficient time for the viewer to recognize anatomy and understand the procedure clearly. Rushed content will not qualify for submission.
  • High-quality animations and graphics to describe the procedure are preferred.

Submission Process

  • The process of submission and assessment by our international jury will happen through the official website . There is no other official channel of submission from the Vattikuti Foundation.
  • Files must contain the Surgeon’s name and procedure title: “Joe Brown’s RKT procedure.mp4,”. Please do not provide a generic name like “KS Award video.mp4”

Judging Procedure

  • Submissions will be judged by a panel of expert surgeons in terms of creativity, original procedures, educational content, and technical standards (editing, sound, and picture quality).
  • Preference for procedure to become standard of care with data showing improved patient outcomes highly recommended
  • A period for public screening and voting following the closure of entries on 15 June 2023. Instructions for voting will be posted on the website and other social media platforms.
  • The three award-winning videos will be revealed on a date to be announced following the completion of the judging on a date to be announced
  • The final decision of award-winning videos lies with the independent international jury.

Terms and Conditions

  • There is no fee to enter the KS International Innovation Awards. The Vattikuti Foundation receives no funds from screening submissions on the YouTube channel or Website.
  • Copyright: Upon submission, you are agreeing to share the rights to use your video with Vattikuti Foundation indefinitely. Content submitted may be used on the Vattikuti Foundation website and on the Vattikuti Foundation YouTube channel.
  • Following the announcement of winners of the KS International Robotic Surgery Awards 2023, surgeons may submit their entries to other journals or organizations. However, the Vattikuti Foundation retains the right to use submitted pieces on the website and YouTube channel, as stated above.